Our management team

Talented and diverse profiles

The Management Committee is responsible for assisting the Managing Director in the day-to-day management of the CER Groupe. This task has been delegated to him by the Board of Directors.

Together, the members of the Management Committee have the necessary business management skills and sufficient knowledge to support CER Groupe's management and strategy.

Our management team is representative of our activities and is composed of talented and diverse profiles originating from small biotech, big pharmas, universities and the agri-tech sector!
Nathalie GILLARD Director of Analytical Laboratory
Eric FICHANT Scientific Director of Preclinical and Pharming Unit
Henri PESTIEAU Operational Director of Preclinical and Pharming Unit
Patrice FILÉE Director of Immunobiology Laboratory
Pierre-Christophe VAN VLODORP Director of Procurement/logistics – facilities – EHS
Hélène DEGAUDINNE Director of Finance & IT
Anne VAN DEN BOSSCHE Director of Quality Assurance
Stéphane BERNARD Director of Human Resources and Legal Affairs
François COTE Business Developer
Marie-Ange BENOIT Business Developer