A bridge between academia and industry

At CER Groupe, our research services are at the bridge between academia and industry, leveraging the strengths of both environments to support our partners in their developments.

At CER Groupe, you are not our customer; you are our partner. Our team and network is committed to providing their expertise and collaborating with you in in-depth technical and strategical discussions aimed at building, optimizing and validating your development package.

Integrated solutions for our partners

From establishing proof of concept to routine production or testing, we operate the same way in all projects, in order to meet requirements and commit to maximizing deliverables and mitigate the risk of innovation. Strategic partnerships were also created with external structures to offer a deeper level of integrated solutions for our partners and take advantage of academic expertise on these specific topics:

  • ULB IMI : pre-clinical immuno-monitoring
  • ULg GIGA VV : viral vector development and pre-clinical production
  • ILVO : food and feed testing offer strengthening
  • Sciensano : strengthening in-vivo infectiology
  • AFSCA-FAVV : food safety

This positioning and structuring of activities has made us a partner of choice for hundreds of regional and international structures, from start-ups to big pharmaceutical companies, for decades.

Our partners trust us because of our expertise, our transparency and our integrity, and recognize our critical value in their strategic development. Our subsidiary companies are also good examples of successful partnerships that were developed into sustainable businesses.

They trust us with their projects !