Success stories

Your success, our priority!

CER Groupe is proud to be continuously involved in critical developments mandated by our partners or subsidiaries to reach the clinical phase, to reach the market or to strengthen the positioning of their product or technologies.

Your success, our priority! Filling the gap to be able to submit an IND (investigational new drug) application, understanding critical biological features to improve the performance of a diagnostic assay, developing a robust method for the routine testing of your product: these are just a few examples of our contributions to supporting our partners in their development!

Here are a few examples of success stories in which the CER Groupe's contribution was critical:


Novadip is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing autologous cell therapy products that were initially indicated for critical-size tissue reconstruction. At CER, we are proud that Novadip trusted the CER Groupe with the whole pre-clinical development of the NVD-003 product for critical bone-defect reconstruction due to non-union in trauma. The studies performed as part of this close collaboration enabled them to deliver promising results regarding both product efficacy and safety, which were integrated into the IND file submitted to authorities. The product is now in clinical phase 1/2 and has demonstrated its properties in patients.

ATB Therapeutics

ATB Therapeutics is a pre-clinical immuno-oncology biotech firm developing ATBodies, antibody-toxin bioengineered produced in plant cells and characterized by innovative payloads and versatile linkers, resulting in both high potency and low toxicity targeted therapeutics. Initially, the project was a concept conceived by its founders. The CER Groupe was involved, among other stakeholders, at a very early stage to help start the initial phases of the project. In addition to this early-stage support, a close collaboration was established to incubate the company within our facilities, as well as to support ATB Therapeutics in both the design phase of the first constructs, and in the routine analysis of samples during process development. These results were used by ATB Therapeutics to further secure seed funding and to build a strong team, which, today, represents about 20 people. ATB is now accelerating the pre-clinical development of their first therapeutic candidate to enter into the clinic asap.


PDC*line is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing a novel class of off-the-shelf cancer immunotherapies based on a proprietary Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell line (PDC*line) that is pre-loaded with peptides derived from target tumor antigens. This promising technology enabled PDC*line to perform a successful first-in-human phase Ib feasibility study in melanoma. Together with CER Groupe, who performed various proof-of-concept studies and provided in-depth characterization of the immune response induced by their lead candidate in a unique humanized mouse model, PDC*line has generated a robust pre-clinical package on a new candidate that has now moved to clinical development as well (PDC*lung).”