Custom antibodies

An integrated solution including the development of custom antigens/antibodies

Antibodies are developed for decades and are useful tools for research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

CER Groupe has developed expertise in (monoclonal and polyclonal) antibody production over more than 25 years, initially to develop our own proprietary products and then later as a service. This expertise has gradually extended to offering an integrated solution including the development of custom antigens/antibodies, hits to lead selection through various platforms, fine characterization, engineering, production and manufacturing. These activities are performed under certified ISO9001 standards.

Development from A to Z

Our main strengths lie in the diversity of species we can use for Ab development, our bespoke end-to-end solutions for challenging target development, and the multiple analytical platforms that can be used to improve product characterization, both for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

One example of our expertise and abilities is Thymolux, a GMP-certified CER Groupe subsidiary that specializes in the supply of anti-thymocyte polyclonal serum to the pharmaceutical industry, as the base reagent for manufacturing anti-rejection medicine for transplants used worldwide.

With several thousand successful programs, our antibody development, production and characterization solutions have a proven track record. Our rational approach to animal species selection, as well as our innovative antigen conjugation and immunization platforms, offer high a success rate, even for the most challenging targets. The production and analytical platforms complete the service, in order to optimize lead selection and supply according to your requirements in terms of quantity and quality profile.

Key figures


> 100,000 programs completed


> 12 species available


> 25 years of ISO9001 certification

Our integrated services include:


  • Hapten synthesis and advanced conjugation strategies
  • antigen design and recombinant expression (E. coli / mammalian cells)
  • antigen cell display
  • the extraction and purification of naive antigens from organs, tissues and biological fluids

Monoclonal antibody development:

  • Mouse and rat hybridoma
  • RAMBO process for rabbit monoclonal antibodies
  • DNA immunization

Polyclonal antibody development:

  • Rabbit (28 days)
  • Standard and high-affinity programs in various species (mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, hens, goats, sheep, cows, llamas, etc.)
  • DNA immunization

Antibody production:

  • From hybridoma
  • Recombinant expression from transient or stable expression in mammalian cells

Antibody engineering:

  • Antibody sequencing
  • Coupling and conjugation
  • Antibody reformatting in fragments (Fab, scFv, scFv-Fc, etc.)
  • Chimerization

Antibody fine characterization:

  • Affinity/specificity
  • Epitope mapping
  • Effector function
  • Activity (agonist/antagonist, neutralization, internalization, in-vivo potency, etc.)
  • N-glycan analysis
  • De-novo sequencing


The development, production and characterization of rabbit monoclonal antibodies against a soy protein isolate

The detection of allergens in food products is a critical activity for assessing food safety and is mainly performed through mass spectrometry or immuno-assay techniques.

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