Our IT assets. Security for your data

Secure Location

At CER Groupe, security begins with our location. With complete control over our own buildings, we provide a secure environment for all our installations. Situated in a privileged setting, our premises ensure the peace of mind necessary for safeguarding your sensitive data.

Internal IT Expertise

Our IT team, central to our strategy, comprises highly qualified professionals. We invest in continuous training to maintain cutting-edge expertise across all IT domains, ensuring reliable and innovative solutions.

Controlled Infrastructure

Thanks to our own servers, directly installed on-site, we have full control over our infrastructure. This autonomy enables us to deliver a comprehensive range of IT technologies and tools, including hosting, meeting all your operational requirements.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

With our dedicated SOC operational 24/7/365, we continuously monitor risks and vulnerabilities in our infrastructure. Our teams conduct regular intrusion tests to ensure optimal protection of your sensitive data, both internally and externally.

Rigorous Technology Selection

We pay particular attention to the selection of our IT technologies. Each choice is made carefully to ensure the best services aligned with the company's strategic objectives, thereby ensuring optimal IT security.

Advanced Access Control

Our access control mechanisms guarantee a high level of security for both physical and digital resources. Strict access management policies and sophisticated surveillance systems provide uncompromising protection.

Redundancy and Maximum Availability

With installations spread across two distinct sites, we offer unparalleled redundancy and high availability. A secure connection between our sites ensures the continuity of our services and the protection of your data, even in the event of a disaster.

Continuous Monitoring

Our advanced monitoring systems allow us to detect and respond quickly to any potential threats. We remain constantly vigilant to ensure the security and stability of your IT environment.

Awareness and Training

IT security is everyone's responsibility. We continuously train and raise awareness among our staff about best practices and cybersecurity rules, ensuring a security culture integrated into all our activities.

Always at the Forefront of Technology

In a constantly evolving world, we stay at the forefront of technology to combat new threats. Our commitment to continuous improvement enables us to provide cutting-edge IT security, today and in the future.

Know that your data is protected with CER Groupe.

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