Discovery services

A reference center supporting the non-clinical research of biotech, medtech or pharmaceutical industry

As a reference center supporting the non-clinical research in the biotech, medtech and pharmaceutical industries, CER Groupe is continuously developing new custom models, both in-vitro and in various animal models, in order to offer the best support to our partners.

Our integrated capacities enable us to create a comprehensive, rational, and robust custom solution that takes advantage of our expertise in non-clinical development and our platforms for real-time imaging, various read-outs, histology, or IHC analyses.

Our goal is to offer our partners an all-in-one package and generate as much relevant and reliable data as possible during their research programs and proof-of-concept studies.

CER Groupe offers highly skilled and professional support to assist you with design studies, program management, and partial or total outsourcing of those activities, as well as transversal topics on animal welfare, ethics, or legal and regulatory support.

Surgical capacity

CER Groupe also boasts capacity for surgical procedures on various animal species (rodent and non-rodent). These are conducted in state-of-the-art surgery suites by highly skilled surgeons and range from simple procedures (e.g. soft tissue/organ collection) to highly complex bespoke procedures.

Key figures


> 800 in-vivo studies


> 15 oncology models available


3 imaging systems

Our added value lies in this integrated service offering, from consultancy to management of all-in-one packages.

Our expertise in non-clinical discovery services is recognized by both small biotech and big pharmaceutical companies, in particular in the fields of immunology, oncology, infectiology, and implantable medical devices. Our track record, combined with the species diversity we can handle and the expertise of our scientists, ensure professional support at every stage of development.

A deep commitment to the 3Rs

All these activities are realized with a commitment to the 3Rs (replacement, reduction, and refinement), to sound science, and to the responsible use of animals, which are treated with the highest standards of care and ethics.

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