ADEKIT : Make Asbestos detection easy !

Asbestos, a widely-used substance in construction materials, is a great health hazard to the public. In the frame of ADEKIT project, CER Groupe has collaborated with Greenwin and different industrial and academic partners to tackle this huge problematic and make Asbestos detection affordable for all.

About the Consortium

CER Groupe has always been at forefront of the diagnostic sector especially in detecting residuals like allergens as well as toxins through immune-assay and mass spectrometry (MS) platforms. The ADEKIT project offered us a fantastic opportunity to use our experience in an attempt to address the problem of asbestos detection together. It was a synergistic partnership among these collaborators:

  • CER groupe : Responsible for protein chimera engineering, formulation and process scaling-up
  • SBMI/Buildise : Active in construction/demolition field, formation, prevention and asbestos removal
  • HTP Europe : Leader in plastic injection system were the choice partner for the plastic part of the kit
  • D-tek : Active in diagnostic kit manufacturing
  • Uliège (MBEPL) : Specialist in selection of genetically engineered peptides for inorganic (GEPI).

Adekit Design

The adekit design was built along the project to be easily used outside the lab and ensure a safety used.

The detection system is built on a GEPI (peptide) that specifically recognize all Asbestos types and on enzymatic revelation system. Among all tested chimera, the selected specific Ezyme-GEPI chimera allow a fancy colour change from yellow to purple in contact of Asbestos.

From Prototype to valorization

For this reason, the company made a 1000 prototypes to be tested in beta. It should be emphasized that the results obtained from these experiments will be compared with laboratory gold standard method (microscopic analysis) for specificity determination and, hence pave way for further improvements towards commercialization.

CER Groupe, having strong partners, has shown the ability to create an innovative device combating a major health threat. Special thanks to Greenwin and all our partners for making this project possible.

Stay tuned for further development!

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