Spotlight on In Vitro Diagnostics: From Challenges to Innovative Solutions

In the dynamic realm of in vitro diagnostics (IVD), companies are in constant pursuit of partners who can seamlessly integrate into their value chain and significantly enhance their development pipeline. The IVDR regulations impose stringent requirements on IVD companies, necessitating compliance for survival. Simultaneously, there is a critical need for innovation towards more sustainable, faster, and real-time diagnostic solutions. The rise of theranostics presents a valuable opportunity to create a broader impact on patient care. Here, partnering with the right collaborators becomes essential. CER Groupe stands out as the strategic partner perfectly suited to meet these demands.

CER Groupe is a dedicated Research Center supporting the human and veterinary IVD sectors with high-quality critical raw materials, comprehensive Contract Research Organization (CRO) services, and collaborative research initiatives. Leveraging advanced molecular tools and state-of-the-art research and development strategies, CER Groupe is committed to delivering sustainable, real-time, cost-effective theranostic solutions tailored to the specific needs of the IVD industry.

Efficient, Reproducible Products at Competitive Costs

When selecting a critical partner, IVD companies prioritize several key factors. Let's delve into these aspects, showcasing how CER Groupe addresses them by leveraging its unique strengths and capabilities.

Large-Scale Production Capabilities

CER Groupe boasts over 15,000m² of operational infrastructure, enabling it to meet commercial production scales. Whether for haptens, conjugates, recombinant biologicals, native extracts, or large volumes of serum, CER Groupe can produce quantities up to several hundred liters, ensuring scalability and consistency for your projects.

Cutting-Edge Conjugation Technology

Our proprietary regioselective conjugation technology sets us apart, allowing for precise and efficient production of conjugates. This advanced capability ensures high-quality outcomes, enhancing the performance and reliability of diagnostic assays.

Fully Integrated Services

CER Groupe offers a completely integrated suite of services, from research and development to production and quality control. This end-to-end approach ensures seamless project execution, reducing time to market and enhancing overall efficiency.

Biobank Certification

Having access to relevant biological samples is crucial for the development and validation of new IVD devices. CER Groupe's biobank certification allows for the collection, characterization, and testing of IVD devices on human material, ensuring accuracy and reliability in diagnostic applications. This certification is particularly beneficial in meeting new regulatory requirements for laboratory-validated testing.

Independence and Flexibility

CER Groupe operates independently, ensuring long-term availability of critical raw materials at competitive prices. This independence mitigates the risk of supply chain disruptions caused by supplier acquisitions, offering stability and reliability for your critical reagents.

Optimized Production Platforms

Maintaining an in-house production platform for critical raw materials, especially biological ones, can be costly and complex. CER Groupe's optimized production platforms, utilizing overproducing cell lines amortized across numerous projects, provide high-quality, flexible, and cost-effective solutions. Our services are highly competitive, often outperforming the internal production costs of many companies.

Quality Control and Customized Characterizations

Understanding the variations in efficacy between different lots of critical raw materials is challenging based solely on provided certificates. CER Groupe offers a range of advanced analytical platforms for the thorough characterization of biological materials. These capabilities help identify the nature of variations, establishing rational specifications to maximize reproducibility in IVD devices.

Diverse Expertise

IVD industry needs vary widely, from food safety and medical diagnostics to environmental control. With extensive research experience in life sciences, CER Groupe brings broad expertise across multiple domains, including haptens, macromolecules, cells, viruses, and bacteria. Equipped with facilities up to Biosafety Level 3 (BSL3), CER Groupe is well-positioned to collaborate with companies across diverse fields while maintaining specialized expertise.

Partner for Every Development Phase

Beyond production and characterization services, CER Groupe is actively involved in diagnostic innovation. We participate in projects that prepare the industry's future, exploring areas like label-free technologies, sensitivity optimization, real-time diagnostics, field devices, and microfluidic systems. These initiatives aim to develop more sustainable, affordable, and integrated diagnostic solutions to enhance informed decision-making.

A Trusted Partner for Innovation in IVD

In summary, choosing CER Groupe means partnering with a proven leader in excellence, innovation, and reliability in the diagnostic sector. Contact us at and let's build a quality partnership together!

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