“Back-to-lab” Special Offer on Recombinant Protein Services

Get your quality protein fast and give your project the best start!

This autumn, we'd like to offer the industry exceptional conditions on 3 recombinant protein production packages, carefully selected to meet most needs, from exploration, to optimization, to routine bulk production.

  • Our “Screening” program is adapted to screen hits, screen variants or for any other purposes not requiring large amounts of material. We are able to screen more than 40 constructs in parallel following this scheme, in less than 2 months for most projects!
  • If your objective is to receive a few mg of a known protein for research or for antibody development purposes, choose our “Essential” offer, in which the target protocol will be evaluated. Fast and straightforward approach to obtain rapidly biological material
  • Finally, our “Premium” program is currently the most appreciated formula because a large number of custom conditions are tested to rapidly deliver high-quality material for the most stringent applications. Our experts commit to propose the best approach based on specific background and application

The following table recapitulates main features of these 3 packages :

Our 3 pre-formulated packages for the "back-to-lab" special offer

Why CER Groupe ? Here are 6 reasons to partner with us for recombinant protein production

  1. Fast & clear timelines : >90% of projects conducted in <2 months
  2. Quality, from design to delivery and beyond
  3. Expertise & flexibility : we propose a custom strategy adapted to your context, application and constraints
  4. High success rate, more than 85% with challenging targets !
  5. Unbeatable value for money
  6. Optimal data integrity and confidentiality practices

Last but not least, next to our 3 pre-formulated packages, we also support your development through comprehensive custom solutions :

  • Biopharma --> integrated non-clinical development services including in vitro & in vivo capabilities and analytical support, USP/DSP process optimization and digitalization, …
  • Diagnostic --> development and selection of innovative antibodies, scale-up and routine supply of quality-reproducible biologics, advanced characterization, formulation studies, stabilization including custom freeze-drying, …
  • R&D --> antibody development, hit screening, interaction characterization, …

At CER Groupe, we don't just produce proteins — we craft solutions.

Contact us today to discuss your project and start a transformative collaboration !

Contact : info@cergroupe.be.

Discover our solutions at www.cergroupe.be.

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