Functional food

Support the research and development of your functional food innovations

Functional foods comprises various biological classes including, prebiotics, probiotics and bioactive peptides and are a fast growing sector in view of their beneficial impact on health.

At CER Groupe, we use our expertise in bioproduction, agri-tech, food, and pre-clinical evaluations to support the research and development of your functional food innovations. From enzyme development aimed at developing innovative prebiotics from several matrices, probiotic culture and testing, or the evaluation of the health impact of various functional foods in appropriate models, we contribute to the development of innovative solutions aimed at keeping people healthier for longer.

Keeping people healthy is easier and more sustainable than curing diseases! This ‘One World, One Health’ vision has become a reality, and now this sector needs trusted partners to structure and support innovation.

Various projects and initiatives

We also lead and participate in various projects and initiatives in this field and can take advantage of our network to help you find the best partners based on your specific product and application.

Do you have an idea, a concept or a product in development and need the support of an experienced partner ?

Key figures


4 PhD theses granted ongoing at CER


81.7 years is the life expectancy in Belgium in 2021


10 analytical platforms


PEPTIBoost, a FoodWal project portfolio granted through Walloon Region Win4Excellence to promote industry co-products in health-promoting food supplements

Bioactive peptides are known for their high tissue affinity, their specificity and their efficiency in health promotion (hypotensive, immunomodulator, diabetes, ...)

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