Novel food

A competitive and comprehensive range of services for novel foods characterization at the pre-clinical level

According to European Union Novel Foods Regulation (EC) No 2015/2283, foods and food ingredients that have not been consumed by humans to a significant degree in the European Community before 15th May 1997 must be tested to demonstrate different properties, including safety for the consumer.

Thanks to its GLP-certified animal facilities and GLP/ISO 17025-certified analytical platform for food and feed testing, CER Groupe offers a competitive and comprehensive range of services for Novel Foods characterization at the pre-clinical level.

Our non-clinical development services, combined with our food- and feed-testing expertise, help you to establish the safety of your novel food.

In addition to safety evaluation, our team also assists you in the evaluation of product allergenicity, as well as contributing to proving the safety of your product in terms of:

  • product characterization (MS, in-vitro activity, etc.)
  • ADME
  • Toxicity testing
  • Allergenicity

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> 800 in-vivo studies


11 Analytical platforms


ISO 17025-certified since 1997



Allergies have become a major burden in developed countries during the 20th century. Among allergic reactions, food allergies accounts for a substantial portion of the morbidity rate.

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