Board of Directors and Committees
Our Board of Directors comprises key industry players who are recognized for their expertise and come from biotech, big pharma, universities and the agri-tech sector, as well as representatives from Luxembourg Province and the Walloon Region!

Administrators on the Board of Directors of the CER Groupe

  • BONTEMPS Philippe, Province du Luxembourg - Vice-President
  • VANLOOCKE Olivier, CER Groupe - Administrator-Director
  • BARET Philippe, UCL - Administrator
  • BOUREZ Sophie, Wagralim - Administrator
  • DE BORMAN Béatrice, DIAsource ImmunoAssays - Administrator
  • DENOEL Philippe, GSK Vaccines - Administrator
  • DESMECHT Daniel, ULg - Administrator
  • DIVOY Christian, Agriculteur - Administrator
  • GILLARD Dominique, Province du Luxembourg - Administrator
  • GRAVY Sophie, plusOne - Administrator
  • LAMBERT Marc, MLA Consulting - Administrator
  • MASSARD Christian, Province du Luxembourg - Administrator
  • MOREAUX Benoit, QbD - Administrator
  • SMETS Katelijne, ARSIA - Administrator

Observers on the Board of Directors of the CER Groupe

  • BASTIAENS Annette, Walloon Region - Observer
  • LEONARD Sophie, Walloon Region - Observer
  • GORIELY Stanislas, ULB - Observer

Strategic Committee

The roles of the Strategic Committee are :

  • define a strategy and propose an implementation plan to the Board of Directors
  • monitor the execution of the strategic plan by the Management Committee
  • monitor the development of the environment and correct the strategic plan if necessary

Members of the Strategic Committee :

  • DENOËL Philippe - President Biowin & GSK
  • BOUCHAT Jean-Claude - CEO ECI
  • WALLEMACK Hugues - Exo Biologics
  • DEMONTÉ Dominique - Brussels South Charleroi Biopark (BSCB)
  • DECHAMPS Marc - Biowin, CEBR
  • DESMECHT Daniel - ULg
  • LIZIN Pascal - Board member in several companies
  • VAN PUTTE Anthony - Pôle Mecatech
  • VANLOOCKE Olivier - CEO of the CER Groupe

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee assists the Board of Directors in its oversight and monitoring duties in the following areas:

  • the correct application of accounting principles, as well as any changes that may be made to them in the light of changes in legislation;
  • the quality and efficiency of the financial reporting process ;
  • the analysis of the Foundation's budget, annual accounts and consolidated accounts, including inter-subsidiary transfers, as well as the annual management reports and the auditor's reports on this subject Analysis and follow-up of any significant adjustments to be made on the recommendation of the auditor in the context of the statutory audit;
  • the analysis of any interim financial statements and any other financial communications to third parties;
  • the analysis of all other important accounting, tax and financial reporting issues, including the reporting of complex and/or non-routine transactions.

Members of the Audit Committee:

  • GÉNARD Brigitte - Administrator
  • MORRO Terry - CFO West Europe Omaya
  • VANDEBROEK Jean-Luc - CFO Hyloris