Huidige subsidies

Bouwen aan een betere toekomst voor iedereen

We pakken reële problemen aan en zetten ons samen met onze partners in voor een betere toekomst voor iedereen!

Als referentieonderzoekscentrum in de sector van de levenswetenschappen, leiden we of nemen we deel aan interessante projecten voor toegepast onderzoek gericht op de ontwikkeling van innovatieve technologieën, producten of diensten met regionale en internationale partners.

Hieronder is een lijst van huidige subsidies waaraan CER Groupe deelneemt:

OnymFunding SchemeStart DateEnd DateProjects
MIBREASTWin2Wal01/01/202131/12/2024Development of a new innovative bioresorbable matrix for breast reconstruction by autologous fat transfer
TheramirBioWIN01/04/202131/03/2025Therapeutic approaches based on micro RNA encapsulation
Be4ONEWBioWIN01/09/202131/08/2025Biopharmaceuticals for one world
NCDVacSPF01/06/202230/05/2024Evaluation of new vaccines and development of appropriate vaccination schedules for Newcastle disease
NatexvirWin4Collective01/11/202231/12/2024Implementation and validation of techniques and methods for the preparation of bioactive natural extracts with a view to their valuation as a therapeutic solution against human respiratory viruses
GlyPROCLICKWin4Collective01/03/202229/02/2024Modifications of PROtein GLYcans by CLICK reactions with high added value molecules
OptymevaxWin4DOC27/06/202227/06/2026In silico design and development of optimized versions of key enzymes involved in the production of RNA vaccines
NEMOBioWIN01/10/202230/09/2025New-Biological-Entity End-to-end Modeling and Optimization
GlycoToolWin2Wal01/01/202301/01/2025GLYcochemistry to control the orientation and immobilization of proteins
CoZymeCOST01/01/202331/12/2026Establishing a Pan-European Network on Computational Redesign of Enzymes
MultichipEurostars01/05/202330/04/2026Rapid automated multiplex laboratory diagnostics for autoimmune diseases
Nowallodor phase 2cWALITY01/06/202201/06/2025Establish tools and procedures for genomic selection of Walloon Piétrain boars transmitting low risk of boar taint
SmartProbioticSubside Province Luxembourg01/01/202331/12/2024"Smart" probiotics bringing a plus to the level of the health of production animals and making it possible to reduce the use of antibiotics
Safety Assessment of Novel Foods and Nutrient SourcesFramework Partn. Agreem.01/01/202331/12/2026Support to EFSA in the Safety Assessment of Novel Foods and Nutrient Sources
Adekit IICompetitivity Pole01/10/202030/08/2024In situ asbestos detection kit in building materials and industry
DomibonecWALITY01/01/202131/12/2024Development of a surgical method and an animal model to use the "MyBone" graft in larger bone defects.
FoodWal /PeptiboostWin4Excellence01/01/202331/12/2026Bioactive peptides formulated as protein hydrolysates applicable in human and animal health
Foodwal / MicroboostWin4Excellence01/01/202331/12/2026Enzyme engineering applied to prebiotic synthesis
AllerlistSPF01/09/202331/08/2025Valuation de la nécessité d’implémenter de nouveaux allergènes alimentaires d’origine végétale et/ou une nouvelle source de protéines sur la liste des 14 ingrédients causant une allergénicité potentielle
Wal-bioimagingFEDER01/07/202331/12/2025Creation of a coordinated network of imaging technology platforms involving universities and accredited research centres.
PEPVacFEDER01/07/202301/07/2023Setting up an innovative platform for the preclinical evaluation of new vaccine candidates and risk factors, based on a strengthened partnership between universities and accredited research centres
WalProtFEDER01/09/202301/09/2023Développement de nouvelles pistes de valorisation des protéines végétales et alternatives pour le secteur de l’alimentation humaine.
EnsuredSPF01/09/202301/01/2026NEw opeN Strategy for impUrity suRveillance of commErcial microbial fermentation fooD products: Food supplements and vitamins as proof of concept
PhenixFEDER01/11/202330/10/2025Plateformes tecHnologiquEs et aNalytIques d’eXcellence wallonne en agro-alimentaire
PassportWin4Collective01/12/202330/11/2025Plasma surface modification of functional implants for more effective tissue regeneration
Phenix /GosBoosterFEDER01/11/202331/12/2025Improvement of muco-adhesive properties of probiotics
Phenix / NglycBoosterFEDER01/11/202331/12/2025Development of new HMO-like preparations
Phenix / FosBoosterFEDER01/11/202331/12/2025Fine molecular characterisation of prebiotics
MicroMICWin4Collective01/01/202431/12/2025Microfluidics for Metabolomics
SOLITCompetitivity Pole01/01/202431/12/2026Development of an innovative platform for highly specific tumor suppressive agents delivered by an allogenic cell-derived platform
Hybrid-TXCompetitivity Pole01/01/202431/12/2026Development of a hybrid approach comprising a viral vector and an mRNA vector for the development of a personalised cancer treatment solution