GLP safety studies

A team of non-clinical scientists holding extensive expertise working in cutting-edge facilities

The development of new medicines is a long and expensive process.

Despite growing efforts in R&D in recent decades, attrition rate due to safety issues remains a major challenge for the health industry. As a result, safety assessment is of crucial importance during non-clinical drug evaluation. By working with CER Groupe, you are partnering with a team of non-clinical scientists with extensive expertise working in cutting-edge facilities.

Safety assessment is the most important parameter to determine during non-clinical development, as it is the only one that is mandatory to reach clinical phases. Our GLP safety-testing service has been extensively used by industry-leading companies. We provide comprehensive support with several animal species and manage all read-outs internally or through trusted partners, as part of a timely efficient workflow.

Our safety-study services are GLP certified, align with the highest standards (ICH, VICH, ISO), and cover the main topics that need to be checked during non-clinical developments:

  • dose escalation and pilot studies in large animals
  • studies to find the dose range in large and small animals
  • rodent screening and pilot studies
  • in-vitro toxico-kinetic studies, or studies in large and small animals

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> 300 GLP studies


> 12 species available


GLP certified since 1993

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