Several in-vitro and in-vivo pharmacology models available

Pharmacology, the study of the biological effects of a compound in a living organism, gives you insight into how well your compound might be able to treat your targeted indication.

Our in-vitro and in-vivo pharmacology models, together with customized efficacy models, are applicable for oncology, immuno-oncology, vaccinology, osteo-articular, metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases, cell therapy, medical devices, and infectiology. With this extensive technological platform and expertise, we can help you understand your drug's profile quickly and comprehensively.

A partner of choice

We also support pharmacokinetic (PK) and absorption-distribution-metabolism-excretion (ADME) studies on a wide range of species, including in GLP conditions upon request. In order to offer a well-adapted service, we can work on catheterized rodents.

These activities are highly supported through our integrated analytical capacities, with strong expertise in both physicochemical and biological characterization (mass spectroscopy, humoral and cellular immune-monitoring, single or multiplex immuno-assays, biochemistry, molecular biology, metabolite identification, etc.).

CER Groupe is a partner of choice for non-clinical pharmacology, with deep expertise in human and veterinary therapeutic candidates and vaccines, including for ATMP products. Our comprehensive, end-to-end service offering is recognized by reference partners, from small biotech firms that require flexible service to big pharmaceutical companies in search of routine testing. This success is also due to the quality of our support platforms, including our logistics, quality assurance and the reactivity of our ethical committee, which enable fast study start times of up to 4 weeks!

Key figures


> 65 people in the team


> 800 in-vivo studies


12,000 m2 of animal facilities

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